10 reasons not to drink coca to lose weight

Coca-cola is now the favorite drink of many French people, but it is increasingly criticized by doctors and nutritionists. Coca is not recommended in case of diet and pregnancy. We will list ten good reasons not to consume this hypercaloric drink if you want to lose weight, or just stay healthy.

– Lose weight by eliminating sweet products: a can of coca contains 150 calories. But beware of so-called “dietetic” products such as zero or light coca: Sweeteners added to sugar generate a very negative nutritional composition for your body. Indeed, artificial sweeteners are between 400 and 8000 times sweeter than sugar itself. Insulin is the body’s first fat storage hormone.

– By stopping the coke, you allow the muscles of your stomach to re-tone. The super sweet soft drink releases hormones that causes a feeling of hunger. By drinking coca, you will have even more desire to eat, to seek a feeling of satisfaction generated by the release of endorphins.

– Improve your immune system: an easy solution is to stop sodas. No need for a miracle recipe, you will strengthen your digestive system (the coca is very aggressive for juices) and theĀ Rapid Tone enamel of your teeth. So by limiting acid reflux, you digest better, and your stomach will store less fat.In activating these drinks, you control the level of sugar – the main ingredient of the soda – and therefore the management of your weight through a better immune system effective against infections.

– Bones less fragile: the brownish-brown color of coca is linked to a phosphorus created artificially particularly harmful in the long term for the health of your bones. It is this element that devours the calcium present in your body. It is very difficult to eliminate, especially in the evening.

– Get a boost of energy: Ingesting too much sugar and caffeine causes dehydration because it overly stimulates your nervous system. So you are exhausted constantly. By stopping the surplus of caffeine, you find some energy, and will find directly the desire to move, to practice sports, and thus to lose weight. It’s a very positive domino effect that avoids getting fatter.

– Reduce heart risks: especially in case of pregnancy or cardiovascular disease, it is strongly discouraged to drink coca. Recently, Harvard University in the United States revealed that drinking a sweet drink a day caused a 20% increase in the chances of having a heart attack in 22 years.

– Reduce the risk of cancer: some ingredients or substances contained in coca could, according to a study of 2012, aggravate or sensitize the appearance of cancer, because of the presence of methylimidazole.

– Keep your metabolism in good shape: sugary drinks prevent your body from burning fat properly. You accumulate them after only four weeks of regular consumption.

– The majority of sodas contain Bisphenol A: it could however change your hormone levels, and negatively affect fertility, pregnancy, and mood swings.

– Finally, coca directly reduces your life expectancy: by causing overweight and the fact very high phosphorus, researchers have warned of the risks of anticipated mortality. In addition, people who consume sodas regularly are found with a high level of fat in the muscles and liver that is difficult to eliminate.

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