4 tips for a quick leg up

How to make a part of legs in the spontaneous air satisfactory as much for you as for her

There is nothing more sexy than a quick and spontaneous sexual act . A few back and forth and you are both satisfied sexually. Uh … maybe.

Or maybe you are the only one to be satisfied and she, for her part, is a little upset that you have left her hungry (even if you should not focus on your orgasm or hers). Fast sex acts are obviously fast ( no time for half an hour of foreplay ) but that does tarvos testo not mean that you can not both enjoy the moment. Use these expert tips to improve your fast sex acts.

1 – Seize the moment
According to Tracy Thomas, psychologist and relationship expert, the perfect fast sex act is spontaneous, hasty and full of desire. Do not wait for the perfect moment (it will never happen), provoke it. Enjoy the mess of the situation (you can do it in a risky place or keep a lot of your clothes) and she will be excited simply by your strong desire for her.

2 – Talk to him
Ten minutes does not give you much time for conventional preliminaries, but that does not mean they have to go through the trap. Fortunately for you, talking can be a pretty sexy preliminary (and we do not necessarily mean dirty words). ” There is nothing more sexy for a woman, or even a man, than to feel deeply desired ,” says Thomas. The quickest way to feel it is to tell her how much you want her and how excited she is . ”

3 – Mix
Does a fast-paced leg always count if you do not have complete sex? Of course, says Jane Greer, sex and relationship expert and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Runing Your Relationship . If she reaches orgasm more easily with clitoral stimulation, use your fingers or tongue to make her cum instead of focusing on the traditional sex act. ” The idea is to have fun spontaneously and continue to circulate energy ,” says Greer. All variations in sexual activity are good for fast sex! “.

4 – Do not focus on orgasm
If she has one, perfect, but if she does not, do not worry (and it’s the same for you), says Greer. ” What makes a fast sex act satisfying is being able to escape from the responsibilities of life to have fun together and have a sexy experience with your partner ,” she says. It’s not a question of orgasm , neither for one nor for the other . In fact, focusing too much on her orgasm can put pressure on her that will ultimately make the experience less satisfying.

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