6 tips to push you to make a difficult workout

6 tips to push you to make a difficult workout
We know that training is not easy. testosup xtreme If it were, the street would be full of people training, beautiful people and walking, but we know that it is not like that. And because training is not easy, when we have an intense and heavy training we need an extra that pushes us to achieve the repetitions and the series that we lack. For this reason we have decided to bring you the best tips to push you to make a difficult workout.

6 tips to push you to do a difficult workout

Small goals

If you divide your training in small trainings it will look much easier. Instead of thinking, for example, that you have to run 5 kilometers, you think you should do 5 runs of 1 kilometer each. If you have 6 exercises in one session, think that you only have 2 exercises for the arms, 2 for the shoulders and 2 for the back.

Visualize, it’s important

Do you know what motivates me when I run? I see myself running after that person who bothered me in school for years, I run after him to grab him and kick his ass. It’s serious, any kind of motivation is worth it.

As a professional

If you want to finish an intense and hard training but you lack the will to achieve it, you can look for a professional trainer. That forces you and does not let you let go of the bar until you finish the exercise. You could even do it with a friend who is much more motivated than you and has the courage to train.

Change the speed

For example if you have to run 5 kilometers you can change the pace every kilometer or every 500 meters. When you exercise enough, you do not get bored and it gets much shorter.

Cheat yourself

Trick your mind, count backwards. If you have to do 10 repetitions instead of counting from 1 to 10, count backwards from 10 to 1. Or switch between counting forward and backward. The trick is to deceive the mind, distract yourself so you can finish them.



Many say do not reward yourself because you’re not a pet, and in a way it’s true. If you have done an hour of cardio it does not mean that you reward yourself by going out to eat a big hamburger. But you can reward yourself with a good fruit smoothie or a protein shake that you have as a preference that you can leave for these spatial occasions in which you must reward yourself.

You can also reward yourself every month by buying a new accessory, new gloves and new shorts.

If you already motivate yourself with one of these 6 tips to push yourself to do a difficult workout or with others, share with us in the comments as you do.

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