7 medicinal plants and their benefits

I know we are in the 21st century and our technology is progressing more and more. Our advances in the field of medicine are more noticeable, since we now have cures against diseases that were never thought to be found. But the truth is that before all this there was only one way to be able to alleviate of the illnesses and all this we go back to the prehistoric time, where its only resource was the nature like means of survival. The plants not only used as food, art or clothing, but were used as well to cure diseases.

Nature is so perfect  that we will never know its full splendor, But we can help the knowledge that our ancestors left us to make good use of it. So much so that even in this century many people still use this method of healing called ¨ herbal medicine .

Thanks to that they still persist, today I’m going to make a count of some of the medicinal plants that are easy to get, the most used and what are the benefits of each.

Mexican Aloe Vera

Helps us with burns, cuts and scrapes of the skin. It improves the immune system , helps in the growth of tissues and is a great cicatrizant of oral ulcers. Decreases acidity, improves duodenal and stomach ulcers.

Combats the cough, is anti-inflammatory , helps for air sickness, bugs, scares, headaches and is a great stimulant of menstrual flow . It also helps us for cases of flu and colds, varicose veins, seizures of epilepsy and for bad mood.

It is very good with slow digestion , intestinal gas, inflammation of gallbladder and liver. It relieves stomach pain  and is good at calming muscle cramps.

This plant, besides having a delicious smell, is used as a sedative . Its aroma helps to calm the stress so that it favors the rest, reduces the bacteria of the intestine reason why is a great  detoxicate and helps with the headaches. What I like most about lavender is that it helps us with our mood, as it makes you feel more relaxed and happy.

It is a very good plant to relieve our respiratory system , it helps us in case of sore throat, bronchitis and cough. It is a good analgesic and antiviral.

This plant has sedative and anti-inflammatory effects , it is very useful for arthritis and intestinal colic. Help with digestive problems , it is a good soothing and tranquilizer.

Relieves pain, swelling and bruising, is good for bumps and skin problems , muscle, sprains and stretch marks. You can use it for mouth problems with rinses and gargle swabs.

There is an extensive list of medicinal plants that can help you, but remember that they are used as preventive medicine and do not guarantee 100% effectiveness. That’s why you should take your medications and visit your doctor for the best use of them and get the best benefits they offer. Nature is extremely great for all the benefits we take from it, the responsibility is ours and to take advantage of them in a good way, our obligation. Luck!


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