Its benefits for beauty and health

The plum elixir of youth knows all its benefits for beauty and health

7 Benefits you did not know renuvaline about plum for beauty and health
You will really be surprised by all the benefits and properties that the plum has reserved for beauty and health, take note.

The elixir of youth
Plums are considered the “elixir of youth”. It is often said that the plum is a food that rejuvenates, preventing diseases typical of old age thanks to its antioxidant agents and vitamin E that delay the aging of the organs and the skin. On the other hand (and thanks to its contribution in vitamin K) it facilitates concentration and prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Rich source of vitamin A
It fights skin cancer, protects vision, regulates heart rate, calms nerves, helps reduce anxiety and strengthens the immune system neutralizing the action of free radicals, thanks to its great contribution in vitamin A.
Help to take care of the silhouette

The plum is an ally to lose weight thanks to the limited supply of calories, its high content of potassium and no sodium.

Fight against anemia
It contributes to the organism a high iron content and vitamins of the B complex. This collaborates in the manufacture of red blood cells that are diminished in the body in front of a picture of anemia.
Prevents osteoporosis, thanks to a component called boron that helps in the formation of bone tissue also avoiding muscle problems.
Recommended to avoid type II diabetes, since it helps control blood glucose levels.
Regulate intestinal transit. The plum provides a lot of fibers, which helps prevent constipation.

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