Does brisk walking make your calves fatter?

Having big calves can be a source of complex, especially for women. The causes of this problem may be overweight , retention or even muscle mass gain. High impact sports tend to make the calves very muscular and bulky.

But the good news is that brisk walking is not part of it. Unlike running or sprinting , this is a low-impact exercise that is very effective for sculpting pretty, slim legs.

How to lose calves with brisk walking?
Active walking, what is it? It is an endurance sport also called sporting walk. It stands out from normal walking nutrix slim keto by the more accelerated pace and much more sustained. This is a great cardio exercise that also helps improve breathing and work several muscles in the body.

But above all, brisk walking is effective for overweight thinning . It is the ideal activity to reshape and tone the calves without a muscular effect that does not please women at all.

The speed of a sports walk can vary from 5 to 10 km per hour. 30 minutes per session are recommended . For convincing results, you can practice it every day.

What is the right technique?
To slim down your calves by doing regular active walking, you can take the following tips. First, every opportunity is good to walk fast. Always bring a bottle of water to hydrate you during your little training.

Do this sport burns calories only when you put on a pair of sneakers comfortable . Always put heels on the floor, never walk on the tip or half-tip of your feet.

Do not run, just walk at a steady pace over a long distance. This will prevent your calves from swelling due to significant muscle gain.

By doing sports walking every day, your legs will not be the only parts of your body to become thinner. You will have a silhouette of dreams and if you follow a particular slimming diet, this exercise will help you easily reach your goal without risking the effect yoyo thereafter.

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