Cycling to lose hips?

We get fat because our body absorbs more calories than it needs. This results in the accumulation of fat in various parts of the body. When one wants to lose weight, it is this fat that one seeks to eliminate.

The concern is that some fats are easier to eliminate than others . Breast fat is buttocks is the one that tends to leave the fastest, which is not always pleasing to these ladies.

Hip fat, on the other hand, is more complicated to remove. So we look for all possible ways to have thin hips as we like them. The worry is that for the fat of the hips to leave, it is necessary that the fat of the body leaves with it. The bike can help in this process to have fine hips and a harmonious silhouette.

The bike makes you lose weight

Cycling undeniably makes you lose weight.

Indeed, this endurance sport allows you to sweat which evacuates toxins from the body but also draws on your fat reserves and eliminates the extra calories . In addition to that, the bike makes work almost all the muscles of your body especially your calves, your legs and your buttocks.

You will have toning muscles that will give you a slender and harmonious silhouette.

What will help the most reluctant is that the bike does not make you suffer too much compared to other sports . So you can work out without feeling too much effort which is a big plus for those who do not like the sport.

How to ride a bike to lose weight?

To lose hips, it is best to ride a bike. After all depends on the device you are using. This will be easier on an elliptical trainer on which you will be standing throughout the session. This can also be done on a simple bike, you just do not sit on the saddle.

It will also give rhythm to your training and will not let you get bored. Depending on your level, the duration of the session may vary. For a beginner, it is advisable to do sessions of 20 to 30 minutes at the beginning with a medium difficulty.

Then over the weeks, it’s up to you to increase the difficulty and duration of your sessions when you feel that your body is used to it. If you do sessions of 30 minutes , you do one session a day if you go beyond 1 hour, 3 sessions per week are enough.

What kind of bike to choose?

It all depends on the training you want. For a workout concentrating on the hips, the elliptical is more recommended for a more general training , an exercise bike is perfect. With these two types of bike you can exercise whenever you want at home.

The bike is a perfect sport to lose weight in general, you just need to change your training a little to lose hips. The advantage is that this sport can be practiced in the comfort of his home, indoor or even outdoors. It can be practiced by everyone. This sport will also help you lose weight.

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