Doing fasting cardio to lose weight faster?

The debate is raging and resurfacing regularly: should fasting be done cardio to lose weight faster? The answer is yes: Slimlook Forskolin not only does fasting bring many benefits, but it also allows you to train with even more results.


Doing fasting cardio to lose weight faster

Fasting cardio is effective to lose weight faster

When you eat a little before exercise, you change the way the exercise will burn energy. The idea in losing weight is to come lose fat, not to eliminate a breakfast taken 2 hours before the morning! This is where fasting cardio really makes the difference .

The body, after 12 hours without eating, can finally focus on not being in digestion . It will therefore be able to directly tackle the stocks of fat: effective effect guaranteed!

Of course, you do not have to be intermittent fasting every day, but it can be interesting to integrate 2 to 3 cardio or fasting workouts a week.

Destroy the myths of fasting sports

No, skipping breakfast does not matter. And no, playing a fasting sport does not involve muscle loss: it’s all about having plenty of protein and carbs over time, not just when you’re going to train!

Insulin levels drop , growth hormone increases: everything is there to not only promote dryness if you train, but also and more simply to better lose some extra pounds before the summer or a special event.

Another point to remember is that by choosing a fasting resistance exercise (HIIT type), the sensitivity to insulin will be reduced … with the key, less fat storage.

How long does it take to really see the effects? At this rate, 2 to 3 fasting sessions a week , coupled with a rebalanced diet , should be enough to notice the first changes in the body.

How fast to fast?

For starters, the easiest way is to skip breakfast and aim for a beach from 16 to 18 hours without eating.

Some people then progress to fasts of 24 hours, once a week.

In reality, there is no more ideal solution than that which respects your body, your daily way of living without frustration and to continue the physical efforts without hurting yourself .


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