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In man, the size of the nipples is relatively uniform, which is not the case in women. And according to researchers in evolutionary biology at the University of Queensland in Australia, this seems to contradict the assumptions of biological evolution .

Size of the nipples: biological evolution questioned
One of the major goals of evolutionary biology is to understand whether specific characteristics of the body have adapted for a specific purpose, or whether they have simply developed at random. The functionality of these evolutions is also at the heart of the research. Some evolutionist researchers say the following: when Trialix certain biological specificities have a small variety of sizes, it is because they are the result of a strong evolutionary selection. Characteristics that have a strong variety would therefore result from a low evolutionary selection. The following study challenges this theory.

63 pairs of nipples under a magnifying glass
63 students participated in the study. Their nipples were measured as well as the circumference of the chest. The study took into account the body mass index of each subject, as well as the temperature of the room in which the tests were performed, among other parameters.

The team of researchers has defined that male nipples make on average 36% of the size of female nipples . But the biggest difference is remarkable in the area of ​​the female nipple, which varies in terms of circumference from one subject to another. Unlike male nipples that are substantially similar from one individual to another.

Yet, many previous studies tend to state that a large variation in characteristics indicates a lack of functionality . Some studies have found larger variations in clitoral size compared to penises. These studies concluded that female orgasm is a non – functional by – product of male orgasm. Conclusions undermined by this study, knowing that female nipples have an undeniable usefulness in breastfeeding. While those of men have no primary use.

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