How to lose 35 kg in 6 months?

This question teases you may be currently the mind. In recent years, appear on the markets of nutrition and fitness , many programs to accompany people wishing to lose weight.

These programs include Weight Watchers or the Dukan diet that have been successful with many people Keto Slim Rx who have tried. From here, find out here some tips tips and advice to lose quickly and well 35kg in 6 months.

Adopt healthy eating habits

How to lose 35 kg in 6 months

This involves simple nutritional rules:

– Choose foods with reduced caloric intake. These include fruits and vegetables, legumes and grain products that are rich in nutrients, protein, fiber and water. They have the advantage of quickly satiating without bringing a lot of calories – reduce fast sugars (pastries and pastries, sweets and chocolate, ice cream, cakes appetizers) and fat in your diet – consume starch (rice, potatoes, pasta or bread) preferably unaccompanied (cheese, butter, cream …) Otherwise limit their consumption- choose lean meat, poultry without skin, fish and shellfish – choose the right way to cook food: vegetables (in the microwave, smothered or steamed); meats (grilled or roasted); fish (baked or grilled …) – eliminate alcohol, beer, soft drinks – moisturise enough and regularly. This is a good way to prevent water retention and allow the elimination of toxins and waste responsible for storing fat.

Play sports

Sport is a great ally to achieve your goals. In addition to a good diet, you can easily eliminate your extra pounds by exercises that work your cardio ( running , brisk walking, cycling, swimming , aerobics or dance …) You can either register in the gym or take a personal coach. Either of these two solutions can help you move forward. Because by that, you benefit from a follow-up and a regularity.

Loss 35kg in 6 months is a lot of commitment and a lot of consensus to do in your life. So you need to have a good motivation for your diet to go fast and well . Determine why you Keto Slim Rx decide to lose those extra pounds. Either to regain your figure after a maternity or an illness, regain your taste for life, please you and your partner …

At a rate of just under 6kg per month, take good habits, have motivation and you will realize that you get there quickly and well and without too much deprivation.

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