How to lose weight without muscle?

Who does not like to see beautiful arms with a fine and elegant curve? Our upper limbs are often discovered, especially for women. You do not like yours hanging down, full of fat, and all soft?

If you want to strengthen them without looking like a bodybuilder, adopt the solutions that we unveil here.

An exercise that can be practiced everywhere to lose weight without muscle
The following exercise is remarkably simple and equally discreet:

Extend an arm in front of you, natura farms keto slightly above the shoulder, your fist closed and tight;
Help the second member to grip the first;
Contract the latter for five seconds;
Change members after ten repetitions of this movement.
Two exercises a little less discreet
Another exercise is to make circles with your upper limbs . Of course, it is much less discreet than the previous one, and you can only try it at home or in a gym , or why not, in your office, whenever you give yourself a break. However, it has the advantage of fairly fast results and ideally runs upright.

You can also try vertical pumps. If the traditional pumps undeniably muscling the upper limbs, the vertical pumps, they are much less effective on this subject, even if they will have a certain effect on the thinning and the firming of said members.

It’s about running your pumps against a wall rather than the ground . The distance between the hands and the distance between the feet should be the distance between the shoulders.

Other solutions
An obvious way to lose weight without exercising is to lose weight all over the body, following a diet or doing regular physical activity . But if this solution does not please you and you want to lose weight only these specific parts of your body, you can resort to cosmetic surgery .

Thanks to a brachioplasty, the excess of skin present on the internal face of your limbs can disappear. These will then take on a firmer and more toned appearance.

Cosmetic surgery should only be considered as a last resort. Be that as it may, whether you decide for the natura farms keto side effects latter solution or you choose to perform the exercises outlined above, you will have to, once the expected results are achieved, take care not to let the fat accumulate again in your upper limbs. Healthy food and sports activity will be de rigueur!

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