Slimming goal: our bodybuilding program for men

Starting bodybuilding to record a quick and concrete weight loss is a great idea. Combined with a balanced diet , the practice of this sport to do at home, in some cases, gives good results. But setting up a training program several times a week (at least twice a week) is essential.

As a beginner, it is better to bet on a work in full-body as it is called , ie exercises which concern the whole body and not only the upper body one day of the week then the bottom one another day, for example.

It pumps your energy without giving better results. Here is an intensive cardio training program for men that will allow you to evolve quickly and simply.

Slimming goal: our bodybuilding program for men

Bodybuilding in full body

Go to bodybuilding during a period of dry demand for regularity and motivation . You can start by going to a gym to practice with other beginners and later, invest in equipment at home to progress.

The “split” method consists in dividing the exercises into a group of muscles to work (triceps + biceps on Mondays, backs on Tuesdays, thighs on Wednesdays, etc.). Nevertheless, Ez3 Keto to start in practice, it is more effective to build up the whole body during the same session, and this two to three times a week at least.

To hope to refine, follow this complete advanced program for men:

Recumbent: 4 × 12 (4 sets of 12 repetitions). They help to strengthen the pecs, shoulders and triceps.Tractions: 4 × 12. Work on the dorsal and biceps.Developed with dumbbell: 4 × 12. Shoulders as well as triceps are solicited. Squat bar neck or single squat : 4 * 12. Thighs and glutes work.Crunch on the ground: 4 × 10. Board 3 × 1 minute. Here, it is the abs that musclent.Banc to lumbar 3 × 1 min that allows to bet on a work of the lumbar.

Between each series, the rest period is 1 min.

With the large number of sets, and the various muscles used, you will be sure to refine your silhouette in 2 months or 3 maximum. The important bodybuilding is quality and not quantity. Apply to progress from one session to another to see results in front of the mirror and on the scale.

A program to work more specifically the arms

If most of the proposed series already seek indirectly arms, some prefer more specifically mobilized this part of their body. Here is an intensive program for these specific muscles.

Developed Lying: 4 × 12 (4 sets of 12 repetitions) to bet on the pecs, shoulders and triceps.Tractions: 4 × 12 who work the dorsal muscles of the arms.Developed vertical: 4 × 12. The shoulders and triceps are solicited.Curl bar: 3 × 10. Work on the biceps.Bar forehead: 3 × 10. Work on triceps. Squat bar neck : 4 × 12. Solicitation of the thighs and glutes.Crunch on the ground: 4 × 10.Planche 3 × 1 minute. The abs are solicited.Banc to lumbar 3 × 1 min.

With this fitness program and adapted nutrition, the slimming goal in 30 days is achievable . Nevertheless, the results will be even more visible with 2 or 3 sessions for 3 months. Although it is possible to evolve without equipment, in terms of bodybuilding, it is better to be forced to go to the gym.

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