How to take pecs in 3 months?

Pecs are often a priority in fitness exercises and weight training programs. The torso is indeed a visual indicator of good physical shape, when it is curved in women and powerful and wide in men.

Here is how to take pecs in 3 months, with some exercises and good techniques and eating habits …

With exercises
– Pumps are an exercise that strengthens the muscles of the upper part of the chest and shoulder . To do this, lie flat on your stomach, spread your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your legs straight. You must then lift the body by pushing with your hands, until your elbows are straight. Then lower the body to the ground. k2 slim keto┬áThe ideal is to make 3 sets of 15 or more pumps if you can . You will add repetitions when you gain strength.

– Recumbents are a very popular exercise to strengthen and strengthen the chest muscles. Take a weight bar with weights that are right for you. Lie on a weight bench with feet flat on the floor and lower the bar up to 3 cm from the chest. Then lift it over your chest. It is advisable to do 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. You can also use an incline bench for this exercise that will have a rounded and full torso.

– Repulsions to parallel bars (dips) are one of the best training because they develop quickly and importantly the muscles of the chest. To practice, facing the bars (which are wide enough apart), go down and reassemble slowly. Be careful this movement can hurt initially. It can also be done with a Roman chair.

– Remember to work also chest muscles separately. Lie down as if to push and push. Then keep the position for 3 seconds. Then put all the weight on the right foot and the right hand, while keeping the left foot and the left hand in the air. Keep this position for 3 seconds. Then repeat the operation by changing foot and hand, always for 3 seconds.

– Next to all these movements, you can also use a kettlebell , run (which also works abdominals), sheathing, crossfit (gym and dumbbell), use elastic bands bodybuilding, fitness and stretching the muscles of the chest. Many sports are indeed an effective challenge to develop your chest muscles and keep you healthy.

With techniques
– Do not over work your muscles because it is detrimental to good muscle growth. It should be known that the muscles become bigger precisely, during the days of rest between each training session, at the moment when they repair themselves. So be careful not to train your chest muscles more than 2 times a week, knowing that on other days you can train other muscle groups (legs, back or arms ). Also be careful not to exceed 30 minutes per session as you will damage your muscles and be forced to stop for a while.

– Train as hard as you can. You have to give yourself thoroughly and lift as much weight as you can. To find out what you can handle, you have to do repetitions with different weights. You must be able to do 8 to 10 repetitions without having to ask them, while perspiring and being breathless . If you make the movement very easy , without feeling anything, increase the weight. If you can not do it, lower the weight.

– Use the correct posture, asking a coach to show you how to do the movement well. Generally we start with the arms in full extension and we use the muscles, not an impulse, to perform the movements. Be careful, if you do not use the correct posture, you can cause muscle damage . And if you can not make a movement, it’s probably that the weight is too heavy.

With eating habits
– Do not eat too many calories. Many people think that to have more muscle volume , you have to eat more calories and that’s wrong! You have to eat enough calories to get the energy you need for training, but not too much, otherwise the body will work on burning fat instead of working on muscle building. And staying thin can make the muscles we have developed more visible. So avoid empty carbs (white bread, cakes, pasta, cookies and other baked goods). Avoid fried or processed foods and limit fast consumption and snacks.

– Take supplements. Many bodybuilders take creatine (a powdered amino acid that mixes with water) 3 or more times a day. Its consumption has been approved by the US Food and Drug Agency because creatine is made from the same natural protein made by the body to build muscles.

In conclusion, to increase the volume of the chest muscles quickly , make sure you have the correct posture to perform the recommended movements , get enough sleep and have a good diet (without skipping meals), and make sure you swimming that develops strength in the upper body.

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