The Art of Slow Cosmetics

Consume less and better, these are the foundations of Bella Rose RX cost, this movement that concerns our beauty, from makeup to the care of hair and skin …

We knew the Slow Food, the Slow Life, today there is Slow Cosmetics! One more concept? Not really … Created in 2012, following the success of the book “Adopt Slow Cosmetics”, this movement advocates a more respectful beauty, using natural and organic ingredients. Meeting with Julien Kaibeck, its founder.


It is a new mode of ecological consumption of beauty, which invites to consume less, but better. Less, because one uses the same cosmetic product for several actions, and better, because one takes the time to select only the formulas based on natural ingredients of quality, the least transformed. It is therefore a reasonable and natural consumption of cosmetics.


For everyone ! Both for a person who uses only deodorant and soap, only for someone who loves cosmetics and wants to use materials nobler for his skin and hair. Let us add all the people sensitive to the ecology, to the respect of the nature. But also those who are tired of overconsumption, those who are also ready to manufacture their own care products …


First of all, it is necessary to make a small balance in his bathroom, taking the time to analyze the compositions of the products that are used daily (to be found on . Those that contain ingredients derived from petroleum, plastics and silicones, and preservatives, which are potentially toxic to health or the environment, are of course not recommended!

Then we can also ask ourselves if we really need this or that product and see how we can replace it. For example, instead of the shower gel, a real soap (cold-worked) will be used, the cotton to remove make-up will be exchanged for washable and reusable wipes, and cleansing milk exchanged for a vegetable oil, followed by a hydrolat Floral water) for a  gentle and natural make-up removal .


Essential basics of Slow Cosmetics are vegetable oils, shea butter, clay and aloe vera. I recommend the winning products of the Mention Slow Cosmetic (see below). They were chosen for the ecology of their formula, but also for the honesty of their promise. The winning brands sell their products directly to the consumer  You will find the essentials, but also make-up, perfumes, soaps. These brands are also available in organic stores or in certain pharmacies. They are less known to the public, as they are often artisanal.


Above all, this allows for a more ecological consumption of cosmetics. Less waste is generated, less pollutant formulations are dumped into the environment, because there is never any  silicone or EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid used as a stabilizer in cosmetics), for example in products. Another advantage of size is the use of materials better for the skin than those proposed by the conventional industry: a virgin and organic vegetable oil is entirely composed of valuable assets, such as vitamins A or E, polyphenols … Also add The economic side: fewer products, less expenses. That weighs in the balance!


There are few because we can do everything in Slow Cosmetics mode! Fans opt for either winning products or for home recipes. It is at your choice according to the needs of each one. However, we must accept to change our routine a little and take new habits. For example, when washing hair, a post-shampoo treatment is necessary, as the recommended shampoos do not contain silicones or antistatic agents that cling and discipline. We will therefore opt for a rinse with vinegar water, which tightens the scales and makes the hair shine and / or aloe vera gel will be applied on the wet lengths to facilitate disentangling.


This label, which has existed since 2013, guarantees (after rigorous analysis) a “clean” and ecological formula (result of a rigorous analysis), but also a reasonable marketing: it must limit the number of products in a range , Offering a long product life, adopting a clear and false promise, setting a reasonable price / quality ratio … So many criteria rarely taken into account or too little known by the public! In 2016, the Mention Slow Cosmetique was awarded to 48 new brands. More than 130 brands currently carry this label.


– In the morning, you wash your skin with a  hydrolat (floral water) to purify your skin and regulate the pH, then massage your face for a few minutes with a little oil before applying its day cream. It is then possible to apply make-up, if desired.

– In the evening , it is carefully removed with a neutral vegetable oil (sweet almond or apricot kernel), and then ends with a spray of organic hydrolate (water floral) adapted to its type of skin. Then, you massage your face for several minutes with a few drops of a customized oily serum.

– On the body , after a good shower and on washed skin (with a soap manufactured cold), hydrate your skin with a virgin oil of macadamia, argan or avocado, they do wonders! In case of drier areas to pamper, a little shea butter is necessary. Finally, do a dry brushing per week (a bit like a friction or an exfoliation) to have the skin soft …

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