The benefits of camphor before sport

Essential oils have overall many benefits for athletes . Effective to prevent injuries, some of them also help relieve aches, avoid pain and possible muscle inflammation.

When applied to the surface of the skin, they cross the epidermis and diffuse into the blood to eliminate toxins . Here, we will focus on the benefits of one of them, camphor, for sport.

What is camphor?
Camphor is an oil obtained through the distillation of the branches, leaves and bark of the camphor tree . slimquick keto Widely used in the Chinese tradition, it serves as a component for the preparation of embalming soaps and perfumes.

Its smell is strong enough, its taste is bitter and pungent and it has a fairly firm texture that can take the form of small white grains. It can be used cold or hot by adding it to another fatty substance or in alcohol, but not in water.

Camphor is one of the components of the famous “Tiger Balm” , an ointment known for its analgesic effects. It is also included in the composition of many other creams and pain ointments sold in pharmacies.

The benefits of camphor before sport
Camphor has ruby ​​properties for people who engage in intense sport . This means that its application on the skin leads to an acceleration of the blood circulation for a faster elimination of toxins on the part concerned. It also allows to relieve quite quickly the pain in the muscles and joints of the athlete.

It can be used as part of a preparation for intense physical activity. Indeed, using it as a massage oil, it warms the muscles before training . This greatly reduces the risk of tendonitis, injury, bruising, etc.

But you can also use it after your workout to accelerate recovery , reduce muscle aches and muscle soreness. Its heating effect relaxes muscles and joints.

Some precautions to take
Like any other HE, it is advisable to do a test on the elbow before applying camphor to other parts of your body. Its use may indeed cause, in some people, redness of the skin. For more specifically bruises and sprains, simply massage the affected part, do not rub.

The use of camphor is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 6 months of age and people with respiratory allergies. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a doctor.

Camphor can be very useful for sports activities. You can use it before starting your sessions or between sessions for a good recovery. However, be sure to observe the various precautions related to its use.

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