Tips for playing sports at home

Exercising at home to lose weight and staying healthy is essential when you do not have time to get to the gym . To keep the pace on the long run, here are some tips that will help you enjoy practicing physical exercise at home.

Which physical activity to choose?
To lose weight and refine your silhouette, while toning your skin, you must combine cardio exercises with weight training exercises . This will improve your breathing capacity while strengthening your muscles. Be careful, it does not mean ending up with “a man’s body”, but with a firm body!

How many exercises do I have to practice during a session?
The best would be to opt for a session of 6 to 9 movements maximum , which will be divided into two or three circuits. And for a perfect result, it will be better to do three sessions a week. A session where we will work the abs and thighs, another for the arms and buttocks and one to work the entire body. Of course, you are free to choose workouts based on your physical abilities.

What are the effective warm-ups / stretches?
To minimize aches and accidents , it is important to warm up early in the session. Take time to warm bio x keto up your body with the jump rope or brisk walk for 5 minutes.

Do not forget to stretch each part of your body (head, arms, feet, hands, basins, etc.), for at least 10 minutes. The must will be to devote one to two stretching sessions of one hour per week, which will allow you to relax your muscles as it should.

How to find motivation?
It is clear that it is not easy to find the motivation and the rhythm of exercising at home, when one is alone . To better manage your time, take care of yourself, by scheduling your sessions in advance according to your availability of the week.

Also, do not force the speed of movement at the outset, but rather, start at a moderate pace and increase the pace over the weeks and according to your abilities. This way, you will allow your body to keep up the pace smoothly, but also, will limit the risk of injury!

One of our latest tips will be to have a healthy , balanced and low calorie diet that will help you feel fit and light, while helping your body burn fat effectively.

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