Tomato against water retention?

Tomato is an omnipresent ingredient in every home and it is a good thing because it brings many benefits . In addition to decorating the dishes throughout the year, this versatile red fruit has many virtues on health, beauty and the line. Thus, tomato is an effective natural solution to fight against water retention . Explications!

Why eat tomato to combat water retention?
Water retention results in the formation of edema . Edema occurs when the body can no longer properly remove fluids that begin to accumulate in different places such as the face, arms, buttocks, thighs, knee and feet. The swelling they cause is unsightly natura farms keto and may even cause more serious conditions such as hypertension.

It turns out that tomato is a natural remedy against this problem thanks to its high potassium content. It boosts the elimination of toxins and effectively drains stagnant water into tissues that are outside the circulatory system (edema).

How to use tomato to fight against water retention?
It’s very simple, just eat regularly and preferably raw. To make the treatment more effective, make organic tomato juice and drink at least 30 minutes before each meal , for a total of 3 drinks a day.

It is advisable to prepare a glass of anti-water retention juice before each consumption so that the remedy is always fresh. Take 1 big ripe tomato, cut it before mixing it with 1 glass of clear water. Drink directly.

This juice will act directly on your liver for better purification of your body and also evacuate poorly placed liquids in your body. You can drink tomato juice every day until the water retention disappears completely. Do not forget to drink a lot of water and play sports to obtain convincing results .

Another tomato-based recipe for water retention
The tomato is the ideal product to fight the water retention but there is another that can amplify its positive effects against this problem. It is parsley, an ingredient also rich in potassium , but also in magnesium, antioxidants and many vitamins. It is recommended to include it in your nutrition to purify the body and promote the proper functioning of the kidneys.

To return to the fight against water retention, just add a few parsley leaves in the blender when you prepare your tomato juice and voila! Combine these two ingredients is the ideal formula to quickly remove water retention.

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