What are the essential supplements when starting bodybuilding?

It is quite normal to feel lost among the many supplements available in bodybuilding, when you are beginner in bodybuilding. One is torn between wanting to buy them all, hoping to have more progress and budget or lack of knowledge of these dietary supplements. Do not be paralyzed by the enormous choice available to you, as there are only a few supplements you can not ignore. Here they are.

Choosing the Right Supplements When You Get Started

Remember first that supplements will not go pushing bars in your place. The basis is to start with a training plan and a good diet that combines proteins, carbohydrates, fats according to the proportions indicated for the beginners and forget everything that is pizza and Mc Do for a time. The supplements come, as their name indicates “in addition”.

Whey Protein

The protein , whatever its type, is rich in amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle building. If you are a beginner, choose whey (whey protein) easier to assimilate and more digestible. This fast-acting protein will be especially useful if you take it after training and that will bring to your muscles quality proteins that will repair the broken muscle fibers by the training. You can also take it as breakfast in the morning if you are not hungry or, at other times of the day, if you risk running out of protein during your meals. 20 to 30 g per dose will suffice two to three times daily.


So far we do not recommend to beginners to take it, because it was believed that it was already necessary to have a certain mass of muscle to be effective, then it was realized that those who train hard have muscle To win with creatine. Creatine is therefore useful to your muscles from a number of months of practice. Count at least 6 months of serious training to get the full benefits. You will gain in volume and strength, recover faster and find the ability to train you more by enjoying an ATP energy life bonus.

Everyday, at a rate of 3 g per day, preferably just after training or in the morning on days when you are not going to the room.

Omega 3

One would tend to think that the fatty acids is for the seniors. Yet fats are essential to the metabolism of certain hormones including those of muscle growth, such as testosterone and IGF-1. Moreover, its properties are anti-inflammatory, which allows a better recovery. But it is necessary to choose the right fats and this type of fat is part of it, especially if you follow a diet low in fats otherwise, it may be necessary to add supplements of this type that will help to decrease the mass Greasy .

Beginners in the prime of life also do not think they are concerned with vitamins, but intense training weakens their immune systems. In addition vitamins and trace elements are essential in several metabolic processes. In case of deficiency, the process will be compromised and there will be an imbalance. For example, zinc is involved in the repair of muscle tissue and magnesium promotes recovery. Vitamin D3 is essential for the strength and maintenance of bone strength. A complex containing an assortment of vitamins and minerals is preferable to isolated vitamins.

Prefer a formula with one tablet per day that brings the recommended dose in a single dose, even if your diet should always include vegetables and fruits that bring some of these micronutrients.

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