When I play sports I suffer pains: what can I do?

Patients who have started to play sports a little time ago and are obtained with specific or general pains are very frequent in the consultations of physiotherapy. But are those pains to worry about? What does the pain I have? What can I do to reduce the pain? In this video we explain detail to this.

What types of pain can cause sports?

What kind of pain can we find when exercising? There is a great variety of pains. We have:

tendon pains in the knee or ankles.

Muscle aches in calves or thighs.

Pains in the hip, groin or buttock.

Pain in the feet.

Back pains.

Attention: we do not speak of pains that do not “stay to live” with us, Specific pains, not pains that today are in one place and another day they pureasiangarciniareview┬ápresent themselves in another or other places besides being accompanied by discomforts. All this has nothing to do with specific injuries (of which we speak to you in this article).

Why does physical activity hurt?

This is a question that are asked many, especially those who are beginning to increase their level of physical activity (in people with a high level of physical activity also happens, but happens in the form of gusts). Here are some of the reasons why pain occurs:

Mechanical imbalance. Mechanical imbalances have a lot to do with tendinous, muscular imbalances.

Poor muscle care. Not performing stretching or relaxation after exercise.

Poor adaptation. Are you starting to exercise? Your body is adapting.

Hydration feed. We need nutrients and keep ourselves hydrated so that nothing hurts us.

Energetic and emotional level. If the mind does not feel well, the body will not feel well either.

What can I do to decrease pain after exercise?

To reduce the pain that occurs after exercise, we recommend:

Taking certain discomforts with normality. The body adapts to exercise faster than you think!

Optimize your mechanics. Doing the exercises correctly will help you not to injure yourself.

Assume a lower level of activity or even rest from the exercise.

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