The yogurt diet, effective for losing belly?

The yogurt diet is a draconian diet , which consists of adopting a yoghurt diet for 5 to 7 days at the maximum. Weight loss is fast, intense and allows you to lose belly at the same time .

Yes, the yogurt diet makes you lose belly
By consuming only yogurts keto drox and some foods allowed for 5 days on average, it is possible to lose 5 pounds very quickly . The yoghurt diet is a low-calorie diet that will melt fats (but also the muscles, often), reducing all the weight on the scale.

The silhouette is refined in a radical way: that explains why we can not prolong it for a long time, just like an express detox!

Thanks to its slimming effect, the belly will also flatten as the pounds fly away. If sensations of bloating occur , they will be due to the change of diet (vegetables, fruit, reaction to yogurt …) and do not pose a real threat to the result on the scale.

Can we consider losing belly in this way with stirred yogurt or soy ? Unfortunately no, it will be much less effective: lactose intolerant people or vegan must therefore turn to other diets slimming.

On the other hand, one can opt at will for homemade yogurt, nature and low GI.

Precautions to take
The yoghurt diet is a method that causes weight loss quickly and naturally. Nevertheless, eating only yogurts and a few other foods is a source of deficiencies, tiredness and prolonged solicitation of the liver.

Extending beyond a few days is a danger and it is important for both men and women to seek the advice of their doctor and to avoid any passage to the gym (cardio as bodybuilding ) during the diet period.

Pregnant, breastfeeding or diabetic people should turn to less extreme diets , with the aim of losing permanently and without traumatizing the body.

If you play sports or a minimum of regular exercises, it is better to reduce the duration of the yogurt diet, following it 2 or 3 days (without practice), before reintroducing the complex carbohydrates and proteins necessary for these activities. A beginner keto drox athlete will simply have to abstain.

Examples of menus
What can be consumed in this context?


2 natural yogurts
1 drink (tea or coffee) without sugar
a fruit or a homemade fruit juice

Choice of steam vegetables
1 fillet of white fish with lemon
2 yogurts
Compote or 1 banana in case of significant hunger
Dinner or snacks in the evening

Homemade soup
1 or 2 yogurts
Herbal tea with lemon
By following this diet a few days, it is possible to lose several pounds.

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